Monday, February 07, 2005

Social Software and the Future of Conferences

Vicki Suter, Bryan Alexander e Pascal Kaplan (2005). Social Software and the Future of Conferences – Right Now. EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 40(1), pp. 46–59 [via PontoMedia]:
"New Web applications have proliferated to support this social drive: Friendster (, LinkedIn (, (, orkut (, Flickr (, Eliyon (, and even a campus-based version, Thefacebook ( And Web publishing tools, such as blogs and wikis, have developed new means for connecting people: the URL post-connector TrackBack, the personal linking analysis tool Technorati, and the blogosphere-scanning index Blogdex.4 At the same time, social network analysis (SNA) theory has grown in depth and application, allowing us to better understand the connective patterns between people."

"The social software movement rekindles our thinking about the socializing features of virtual spaces, which cease to become individual sojourns in isolated content and emerge as zones for information-sharing, collaboration, exploration, and extended community process. In this sense, the software supports a sense of social presence as well as place. At a conference, such a virtual space can help strangers connect through content items, even if they don’t recognize each other’s appearance. The content can be pre-populated or can be generated live during events."


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