Monday, February 07, 2005

Recursos sobre redes e Social Network Analysis

Este é um apanhado de algum material recolhido sobre Redes e sobre SNA - Análise de Redes Sociais:

- Carnegie Mellon: Journal of Social Structure: Visualizing Social Networks, de Linton C. Freeman, University of California: "This paper documents the use of pictorial images in social network analysis. It shows that such images are critical both in helping investigators to understand network data and to communicate that understanding to others";

- Exploiting social networking in organisations conference review, Conferência do KnowledgeBoard, a 29 de Setembro 2004;

- Social Network Analysis Instructional Web Site, é uma das páginas da Analytech, desenvolvida por Stephen Borgatti: The "purpose of this website is to promote understanding of social network analysis by supporting the teaching of network analysis. It basically contains handouts that explain the concepts and techniques of network analysis. While all the materials on this site are copyright protected, permission is automatically granted for students to download copies for their own use, and for teachers to photocopy for their students. Everyone should feel free to link to any pages on this site. All other use, including but not limited to commercial reproduction of this material, is strictly forbidden without written permission from Stephen P. Borgatti". A Analytic Technologies desenvolve software para SNA, como o UCINET e o Netdraw, entre outros.


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