Monday, November 29, 2004


BlogFlix creates photo videos for photoblogs, works with any blog hosting service.: "Without downloading software you can make photos look like videos in blogs and web pages. "

free wi-fi Hotels Motels Resorts internet access

Ideias para a RIAT Destino Digital ;-)

free wi-fi Hotels Motels Resorts internet access: "Many Hotel, Motel and Resort chains, both National and Regional, are adding free Wi-Fi high speed internet access as an amenity for guests."

free wi-fi hotspots freespots wireless high speed internet access list

free wi-fi hotspots freespots wireless high speed internet access list: "The Wi-Fi-FreeSpot� Directory will help you find all types of Free Wi-Fi locations."

Watch WorldCat grow [OCLC - About]

Watch WorldCat grow [OCLC - About]: "On average, a new record is added to the WorldCat database every 10 seconds. Watch it happen live, below!"

dokeos Open Source e-Learning

dokeos Open Source e-Learning

UNESCO Freesoftware Portal

UNESCO Freesoftware Portal: UNESCO-CI

Work in the Information Age - «Intensional networks»

Bonnie Nardi, Steve Whittaker, and Heinrich Schwarz (2000). It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know: Work in the Information Age. First Monday, volume 5, number 5 (May 2000).

Open Source e Bibliografia - Bibliotecas

Open Source Software and Libraries Bibliography - Recursos recolhidos durante uma tese de Doutoramento sobre Open Source Software e recursos livres para Bibliotecas.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Science Commons | Creative Commons

(via CF&A) - Science Commons | Creative Commons:
"Science Commons is a new project of Creative Commons and will launch on January 1, 2005.

The mission of Science Commons is to encourage scientific innovation by making it easier for scientists, universities, and industries to use literature, data, and other scientific intellectual property and to share their knowledge with others. Science Commons works within current copyright and patent law to promote legal and technical mechanisms that remove barriers to sharing

Gmail On Your Mobile

Me too!
MobileTech: Gmail On Your Mobile: "Gmail On Your Mobile
Ever since i joined Gmail I've been waiting impatiently for POP3 support so i could access my mail on my phone. Earlier this month Google finally came up with the goods and his week POP3 support was finally turned on for my account (Gmail were giving it to people periodically). So how easy is it to get Gmail on your phone? "

Friday, November 26, 2004

Metrics for KM and CM

James Robertson (2003). Metrics for KM and CM:
Metrics for knowledge management and content management:
"This article reviews the benefits of metrics, outlines some commonly used measures, and presents some practical tips and tricks."

Design Checklists for Online Help

Michelle Corbin (2004). WritersUA - Design Checklists for Online Help:
"Online help systems have evolved over the past 20 years to meet the needs of our users. Designers must consider the content, format, presentation, navigation, and access methods of online help systems. A series of design checklists based on the past 20 years of research are presented in this paper, which summarizes a journal article currently being considered for publication. The latest trend in online help system design is embedded user assistance, which includes integrating information into the interface and including an embedded help pane within that interface to display a context-sensitive online help system."

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The W3C Markup Validation Service

Para validar páginas nomeadamente quanto às normas definidas pela W3C. Pode dar muito geito sobretudo quando nos pedem para avaliar uma página ;-)
The W3C Markup Validation Service: "W3C Markup Validation Service; a free service that checks documents like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards."

Magazines & Newspapers from around the world
"Over 200 countries are represented at Our magazine and newspaper listings are categorized not only by their country of origin, but are also subcategorized by topic - be it art, business or travel. Basic and advanced search engines can be used to search publications by name, keyword, category or location."

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Online learning environments

Colecção de Links: Online learning environments

Ross Mayfield's Weblog - Social Network Analysis

Blog Tribe Social Network Mapping

InFlow - Mapping and Measuring Social Networks - Social Cartography

InFlow - Mapping and Measuring Social Networks - Social Cartography: "Social network analysis software and services for organizations and their consultants"

Wired News: RSS Edges Into the Bureaucracy

Wired News: RSS Edges Into the Bureaucracy

Getting the most out of Google [presentation]

Phil Bradley (2004). Phil Bradley's Blog: "It's a short(ish) presentation of 17 slides that take people through the basics, to advanced search and some of the other goodies that you can do with Google."

Digital vs Paper survival

SAP INFO: "Digital Information Will Never Survive by Accident"

Teaching Weblogs to Librarians

Michael Stephens Teaching Weblogs to Librarians: e para quem quizer ver a apresentação em formato PowerPoint - "Teaching Weblogs to Librarians" [.ppt]

Acesso livre ao conhecimento

Rodrigues, Eloy (2004). Acesso livre ao conhecimento: a mudança do sistema de comunicação da ciência e os profissionais de informação []. Associação Portuguesa de Bibliotecários, Arquivistas e Documentalistas, Cadernos BAD, pp. 24-35.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis: An Approach to Studying Virtual Communities

Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis: An Approach to Studying Virtual Communities: "Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis:
An Approach to Researching Online Behavior"

Headshift: Smarter, Simpler Social

Lee Bryant (2003). Headshift: Smarter, Simpler Social: An introduction to online social software methodology [via Gurteen Knowledge-Log]

Thursday, November 11, 2004

IADIS MCCSIS 2005: WAR2005 - Topics of Interest

IADIS MCCSIS 2005: WAR2005 - Topics of Interest: "Web Applications and Research (WAR2005)"

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Smart Mobs: Technologies of Cooperation: Simple, General Principles?

Smart Mobs: Technologies of Cooperation: Simple, General Principles?: "The Web, distributed computing, mesh networks, open source production, blogs, wikis, the lazy web, all enable individuals to act in their own self-interest in ways that add up to a public good that benefits all."

Blogging and RSS

Blogging and RSS � The "What's It?" and "How To" of Powerful New Web Tools for Educators: "Two new Internet technologies, Weblogs and RSS (Real Simple Syndication), are redefining the way students and teachers use the Internet, turning them from mere readers into writers to the Web as well, and making it easier to filter and track the ever-growing number of resources coming online each day."

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Comercio Electronico Global - Portal de e-commerce business y sitio web de informacion - Content

Comercio Electronico Global. Local com muito material de acesso livre, mediante registo.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Implicit Structure and the Dynamics of Blogspace

Eytan Adar, Li Zhang, Lada A. Adamic, Rajan M. Lukose (2004). Implicit Structure and the Dynamics of Blogspace.

Portals in Libraries

Krisellen Maloney (2004). Portals in Libraries: Library Technology and Planning for Change . ASIS&T Bulletin, Vol. 31 (1), Oct/Nov 2004.

Blog resources [includes papers about blogs]

Bryan's bookmarqs

Globalization, Informatization, and Intercultural Communication

Globalization, Informatization, and Intercultural Communication: "Globalization, Informatization, and Intercultural Communication"

Comunicação Intercultural [para pesquisar]

Google Search: "intercultural communication"

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The recombinant library: portals and people [OCLC]

From OCLC: Dempsey, Lorcan. 2003. 'The Recombinant Library: Portals and People.' Co-published simultaneously in Journal of Library Administration, 39,4; and in Improved Access to Information: Portals, Content Selection, and Digital Information, edited by Sul H. Lee, 103-136. Binghamton, NY: Haworth. [versão em PDF]

The Learning Organization (David Skyrme Associates)

The Learning Organization (David Skyrme Associates): "Learning organizations are those that have in place systems, mechanisms and processes, that are used to continually enhance their capabilities and those who work with it or for it, to achieve sustainable objectives - for themselves and the communities in which they participate."

Weblogs and Libraries - new Book

Laurel A. Clyde (2004). Weblogs and Libraries: "This book discusses thetopic of �weblogs and libraries� from two main perspectives: weblogs as sources of information for libraries and librarians; and weblogs as tools that libraries can use to promote their services and to provide a means of communication with their clients. It begins with an overview of the whole weblog and blogging phenomenon and traces its development over the last six years. The many different kinds of weblogs are outlined (including personal weblogs, community weblogs, multimedia weblogs). "

Search Engine Relationship Chart (tm) - Search Engine Relationship Chart (tm)


TechWeb: TechEncyclopedia

Communication and Trust in Global Virtual Teams

Communication and Trust in Global Virtual Teams: "Communication and Trust in Global Virtual Teams"