Tuesday, August 24, 2004

IFLA 2004

Já está a decorrer mais um Congresso Mundial de Bibliotecas e Informação, IFLA 2004, que este ano se realiza em Bueno Aires, Argentina.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Blogs in Business: what we could do now

How to Save the World: "business leaders have challenged me to develop a pragmatic strategy for effectively introducing blogs into a business today. Here's what I said."...


RSSCalendar.com - About Us: "RSSCalendar is an exciting new way for individuals and organizations to share their calendars among family, friends, and co-workers - utilizing the latest in Rich Site Summary (RSS) technology, including RSS channel creation and aggregation."

Koha - Open Source Library System

Koha - Open Source Library System: "koha, the first open source integrated library system"

How Much Information

How Much Information 2003

Information and Communication Technologies for Development

ICT4D - Information and Communication Technologies for Development:
"Welcome to the self-paced learning materials for the ICT4D course. My name is Barbara Fillip.

I have taught the ICTs for Development course since 1999 and it has evolved quite a lot over the past few years.

It started as a traditional face-to-face course in a classroom and it later evolved into an online course with participants around the world"

Blogs in Education

Blogging Across the Curriculum

Blogging Across the Curriculum

PlaNetwork Journal

PlaNetwork Journal:
"PlaNetwork Journal is a quarterly online publication for in-depth articles by those engaged in this cross-disciplinary approach, applying new technology to benefit the public interest. It is a place where researchers, independent scholars, software designers, artists, and activists can present their work and ideas to those outside their own field who share their concern about the challenges facing the ecosystem and democracy."

Weblogs: Do they belong in libraries?

Penny Garrod (2004). Public Libraries: Weblogs: Do they belong in libraries?. Ariadne, issue 40 (jULY 2004): "takes a look at weblogs and weblogging activities in libraries and considers some of the ways they can be used to support public library users."

The National Academies Press Home Page

The National Academies Press Home Page, um site onde se podem ler livros sobre vários temas, online e gratuitamente.

Geographic Information Retrieval Ranking Methods for Digital Libraries

Ray R. Larson and Patricia Frontiera (2004). Geographic Information Retrieval (GIR) Ranking Methods for Digital Libraries.
"Geographic Information Retrieval (GIR) Ranking Methods for Digital Libraries (PDF) Ray R. Larson and Patricia Frontiera. In: JCDL 2004: Proceedings of the Fourth ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, Tucson, Arizona, June 7-11, 2004. Associated Poster for Demo (PowerPoint)"

E-Performance Essentials

We-Learning: Social Software and E-Learning Part I and Part II By Eva Kaplan-Leiserson
"Although there are plenty of blogs about learning, and though blogs certainly contribute to learning, we haven’t yet seen examples of blogs being used deliberately as e-learning or even blended learning tools. That doesn’t mean they’re not, though, or that they won’t be soon. Collaborative blogs could easily replace asynchronous message boards; instructor and learners in a synchronous course could co-navigate to a blog as a learning aid and use it as a launch pad for a writing assignment or group project; learners could be asked to create their own blogs as an assignment for an online or even a traditional course. The possibilities are almost infinite."