Thursday, July 15, 2004

Seblogging turned two

Acho que nos podemos rir também :-)) Congratulations, Seb [research is always an ongoing project... but now instead of having "the camp note book" we have weblogs... were you not talking about etnographic studies ;-) ... Don´t know if you are going to find us, but we had to try. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.]
Seblogging: Seblogging turned two: "Just realized that on July 9th my Seblogging project turned two. My last post had the number 1382 within the Manila CMS. If I take away the pictures and some static pages I should be still beyond 1000 posts. No wonder my dissertation is not written yet and only a handful paper-based publications have my name on it. Do you think I should sue Userland if I am finally thrown out of academia? ;-) "


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